Sneaky Pete In the Garden

Calamity Cottage


           This is a needle , an OOAK needle felted sculpture. This rabbit is made of needle felted wool, wire armature, vintage looking  French glass eyes. They have a little give when you squish them but are pleasantly firm and for this reason don't usually need any kind of spine armature. 

          Materials: Wool, Wire, French Glass Eyes.

Needle Felted Sneaky Pete Rabbit
Sneaky Pete in the Garden,

Height:17 1/2 inches
Width:7 inches

            He said it would be nice if the owner has a garden with carrots!

          Needle Felting Process: This process is pretty unique, and VERY time consuming. Each piece starts with wool roving and batting, that is then sculpted by poking the wool with a special barbed “felting” needle. The needle pulls the fibers through each other until they “felt” together. The only sewing involved are the bead eyes or appliquéd lace. Everything else is done by poking the wool. They can be handled gently, but they are original sculptures not toys. 

These are NOT toys!! They are not safe for children!!! There are wire armatures and tiny parts that make them NOT toys!!

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